I’m not quite sure if film photography is for me? I’ve been so impatient waiting for my first roll of 35mm film to come back and I don’t cope well with anticipation…

As a beginner, I want to be able to see instantly how my pictures have turned out. If they haven’t turned out well I want to be able to rectify my mistakes right there and then, not wait a couple of weeks to find out I’d messed the whole roll of film up. By that time I will have forgotten what shutter speed or aperture I used for that photo or what the shooting conditions were like that day, so how am I supposed to improve if I cant identify where I may have gone wrong? I’ve seen an app where you can note all these things down as you go. I think I’ll definitely be installing it before I shoot my next roll of film, for peace of mind. 🙂

After a couple of weeks I finally received my pictures back. To my amazement there weren’t 24 underexposed poorly executed images, yay! I do have to admit, because I was stressing so much about not underexposing them and making sure they were in focus, my framing wasn’t as good as I know it could be. But even though these images aren’t ‘perfect’ I love them all, because I made them and I think they’re quite good considering I’ve never shot on film before. 🙂

Here are some of the images from my first roll of film. Shot with my Olympus OM2n using Agfa Vista 200 film. Developed and scanned at Canadian Film Lab.