Nothing brings me more excitement than instant film. It’s all the goodness and rawness of film photography but with the instantaneous advantage of digital photography- what’s not to love! Getting to see your photo develop right in front of your eyes is quite magical.

I’ve never really used Instax outside before… The first couple of packs of Fuji Instax film I used were taken indoors, mainly on my children, who I think may have suffered from temporary blindness from all the flashes I inflicted on them. I struggled a bit indoors, especially knowing which flash setting to use. My pictures would either be too dark or too bright and lack the colour and detail I was hoping for. I was far more pleased with the results when I used the Instax Mini 8 outside. I still had the odd one that didn’t come out like I envisioned but I suppose that’s half the fun!

All images made using a Fuji Instax Mini 8, as shown in the feature image, kindly taken by Phil Kneen. There’s also an instax of him taking this photo of me further down the page… yes we’re that sad 🙂