I’ve never really enjoyed going to pubs, I’m more of a ‘dress up and dance until my feet bleed’ kind of girl. At least I was before I moved to Peel… Now I have no choice but to enjoy the many watering holes that Peel has to offer. Besides, taxi fares from Douglas to Peel after midnight are extortionate and I’d much rather spend my money on something worthwhile… like McNuggets 🙂

Phil and I went out for a few drinks a couple of Sunday’s ago and ended up in one of Peel’s finest establishments- The Whitehouse. A place where asking for anything to be added to your pint of Guinness is considered blasphemous! I’m not quite sure why I brought my camera out with me, but I did. I mistakenly told Phil about the camera, and the next thing I know, he’s daring me to get some pictures of the local ‘talent’ propped up at the bar. Of course, being slightly under the influence of quite a lot of wine, I accepted the challenge… I drunkenly sidled up to the bar and asked the men if they would mind me taking their photographs. None of them look bothered, or sober, so I took a chance, took a few snaps and left them to nurse their pints.

Unfortunately in my drunken state, I managed to somehow forget how to use a compact camera and missed focus on nearly every shot of the men at the bar… oops!  However, I did manage to get a few other pictures 🙂 This is my first time using a compact camera and using flash. I quite like how the pictures have turned out. Much better than the ones that were taken in the daylight… more on that in another post 😉

All images were made using an Olmypus Mju II Zoom and Agfa Vista 200 film. Developed and scanned by Peak Imaging in the UK.