‘At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair should be messy and your eyes sparkling’

One warm and sunny evening in May, I took the boys down to Glen Moor beach with their buckets and spades and our brand new pineapple picnic mat. It was such a beautiful evening. There were no clouds in the sky and there was no breeze at all, which is very rare on this blustery little Island of ours! We also had the beach all to ourselves, which always feels a little bit special- like we’ve discovered a secret place that no one knows about!

The boys spent hours running around and exploring the beach like the feral little creatures they are. The only time they seem to get along, and give me some peace, is when they are out in open spaces. So win win for us all!

I bought my camera along with me, determined to finish the roll of film I had in it. I’ve been feeling a bit unenthusiastic about taking photos recently. Most of what I have photographed has either been on a beach or are of my kids, and as handsome as my kids are, and as beautiful as our beaches are, it does get a bit samey… Although on this occasion, I wish I had taken more pictures of the boys whilst they were having fun. But the little buggars don’t stay still for long, so, I decided to just let them be and watch from afar. After all, not every moment needs to be captured 🙂

The images below were made using an Olympus OM2n, film stock is Kodak Portra 400, shot at box speed.