I set up this website with the intention of sharing my photography journey with whoever was interested in following it. The idea was that I would mainly post my photos on here and occasionally I would share my posts to Facebook instead of posting image after image, so not get on my friends nerves 🙂  It wasn’t long before I though ‘Fuck ’em’ and set up a Facebook page, and now my Facebook friends are subjected to my photography journey whether they like it or not. Unless they unfriend me? Please don’t unfriend me…

Good news to anyone whose nerves I haven’t got on yet, I’m thinking of taking even more photos! I’ve only really been using my camera to do ‘shoots’ using the Olympus OM2n or the Nikon F100. But I’d love to give my Olympus Mju II one more go before it’s rendered useless. Last time I used this camera it resulted in some crazy looking light leaks, so I’ve been advised, by a professional, to gaffer tape the shit out of it and hopefully that will solve the problem. So the little compact camera will be coming out with me, wherever I go…

All these images were made using an Olympus OM2n, Zuiko 50mm 1.4 lens and Kodak Porta 400. Developed and scanned at Peak Imaging in the UK.