I’m happy to say that I have dusted off my Olympus OM2n, which has been neglected for the past couple of months while I tried out the Nikon F100. As much as I love this camera, I did struggle with manually focusing it, which I’m sure I’ve gone on about before. My technical knowledge was pretty none existent back when I first acquired it, so it would take me ages dithering around before actually convincing myself my focus was accurate. I’m pleased to say that I felt much more confident using the Olympus this time round, which I hope shows in my new photos!

A local business here on the Isle of Man, the Patchwork Café, is running a competition to ‘celebrate Manx produce and artisan suppliers’. I don’t think I was aware of the competition at the time of taking these images, but it dawned on me the other day that I probably could enter some of them into the competition, so I did! The main prize is to win a medium format film camera and to have your image on display in their café, and I just think that would be amazing! But I’d totally settle for a food voucher… The competition has also made me to think about doing a portrait series of ‘ Manx produce and artisan suppliers’, which I’m sure would keep me busy once the kids are back at school…

The images below were taken at the Pick Your Own Farm in Onchan, on the Isle of Man. The kids had so much fun foraging around, it was nearly impossible to take their photos as they wouldn’t stay still! All images were made using my nifty Olympus OM2n with it’s cracking Zuiko 50mm 1.4 lens. Film stock is Superia, shot at box speed.