At the start of August, Phil and I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of Liza and Chris Conway. Phil, being the professional photographer, was there to capture the occasion on film, and I was his tag along – I mean, second shooter 🙂

In my head, I thought I would join Phil, bring my camera and just get a feel of what it’s like to shoot a wedding, and hopefully get some pictures of my own at my leisure. Oh, and not get in the way… I’m always getting in the way… This didn’t quite happen as I ended up mainly being the carrier of cameras, the fluffer of dresses and holder of wine glasses, which I actually quite enjoyed doing! With Phil being responsible for the wedding photography, and me being responsible for his equipment, I didn’t take many photos myself. But it was all good experience getting to see the format of a wedding and hopefully I’ll be able to shoot one of my own one day.

The wedding it’s self was gorgeous, intimate and relaxed. It was so nice to be invited not only as photographers, but as guests too. Thank you so much to Liza & Chris for an amazing time, we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. And the red wine.

The images below were captured with the Nikon F100 & Olympus OM2 (Portra 400) and Olympus Mju II (Lomography 400).